Investing with Pearler… why all the hype?

Investing with Pearler

If you’re wondering what all the talk around Pearler is, you’re not alone. It’s the new investing platform, born and bred in Australia. It’s rapidly growing though, with over fifty thousand members strong.

Pearler is an online broker. It all began a few years back in 2018 when some friends got together. They had limited options when showing their mates how to invest. They either had to use a complicated, boring platform or a costly, gimmicky micro investment app. Neither was very appealing.

They decided to develop their own platform and after a lot of hard work, Pearler was born.

  1. Simple.

I love that Pearler is simple to sign up for and easy to use. As a brand new investor, I haven’t found it overwhelming. There is not an information overload. Less options means less decisions.

2. Buy and hold.

Pearler is all about holding for the long term. There’s no shortcuts or get rich quick schemes here. Buy and hold is the way to go to become successful investors.

3. Local and International.

Pearler allows people to invest directly into shares and ETFs. They are able to dabble in both local and international markets. This helps to create a more diversified portfolio.

4. Set and forget.

Members can autoinvest to allow them to set and forget if that works for them, manually buy shares if that is easier, or a combo of both. This encourages people to stress less about the stock market and the rise and falls. If you wait to time the market, you will often miss out on the compound interest that works if you just continue to invest.

5. Relational.

The customer service team are quick to answer questions and don’t make you feel like you’re being annoying (even if you are!). They want to make sure you figure it all out and have a positive experience.

6. Community.

Members can join the community of like-minded individuals and see what other people are doing. This is a handy feature for the newbie investor as it can help to follow a similar approach or investing strategy. People can browse a number of Finfluencers on the platform to pick up some tips and tricks from those in the know.

7. Generous.

When you refer a friend to Pearler, you can choose whether you keep your credits or donate them to charity. They partner with First Nations Foundation to help create a wealthier world. In March 2022, Pearler doubled each contribution by donating to the Red Cross Ukraine cause.

8. Micro.

Microinvesting is here! This will help make investing accessible to virtually everybody. It’s a great way for people to dabble their toes in investing.

9. Low cost trades.

Pearler have competitive pricing at only $9.50 per trade. If you’d like to support an Aussie start up, you can get two free brokerage credits when you sign up.

In closing:

As a relatively newbie investor, I found the idea of buying shares intimidating. Now that I’ve started, I can honestly say that Pearler make it easy. They have removed many of the barriers to first time investing and work hard to make it a positive experience. I invited my mum to try it and even though she’s not tech savvy, she figured it out too. I love that Pearler is helping to enable people from all walks of life give investing a go.

It’s worth downloading the app and having a look. I think you might be pleasantly surprised with what you find and might just get hooked too. I’d love to see you over there and become a part of the investing community. It’s the place to be.

[Disclaimer: I’m not trained in finance so don’t take it from me. Feel free to grab ideas from this post but always see a professional for advice that is relevant and personal to your situation.]

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