How To Afford A Thermomix

After recently purchasing a Thermomix after years of indecision, I look back and wish I hadn’t taken so dang long. It has gotten me thinking.

A product costing just over AU $2300 is not accessible to everybody. In fact, it is out of reach for some people.

Many people swear by how much money they save with their Thermomix. They are able to make delicious meals and snacks from scratch, saving on ready made goods. This not only reduces their weekly food bill but also packaging and food wastage.

Buying a Thermomix is kind of like buying an electric car or solar though. We all know that we can save money with them but they often have a large initial outlay. They are more expensive than their competitors in the market. It can be hard to justify the cost.

Hubby and I took a long time to install more solar on our roof. We have reflected recently that if we had done it a decade ago, the government incentives and feed-in tariffs would have been a lot higher. It sucks because the people who would benefit most from the savings can rarely afford the huge upfront cost. Those who could afford a large roof solar system a few years back could both afford it and reaped the most benefits from their energy going back into the grid.

If you are struggling with the rising cost of living at the moment, you’ll know that every dollar counts. Groceries can hard to keep under budget. I know that I am finding it extra difficult. Investing in an appliance like a Thermomix might cost more upfront but can save money in the long term.

How Can A Thermomix Save You Money?

  • Making homemade lunch box snacks (rather than pre packed goods)
  • Making homemade granola and muesli
  • Helping to save money on allergies and intolerances
  • Making ingredients dairy-free (eg. almond milk) and gluten-free (eg. rice flour)
  • Making yoghurt
  • Needing to keep less ingredients on hand (ie blitzing sugar to make icing sugar on demand)
  • Using up veggies that are past their prime
  • Hiding veggies in food for fussy eaters
  • Being able to make delicious food, quickly so you’re less likely to order in
  • Can host parties and events with less stress
  • Reduces the need to have multiple appliances

So, what can you do to get one?

Here Are 4 Ways To Afford A Thermomix:

1. Save Up.

I’ve put this on the top of the list because I think it’s the best way. The old fashioned way of waiting and saving is powerful. It builds up our saving muscle. It is delayed gratification. We only get the shiny new toy once we have parted with our hard earned money. I feel that once we have the item in our hot little hands, having to pay for it becomes a chore. The incentive is gone.

Saving for a large item like a Thermomix can feel impossible at first. It can help to have a separate account to use for this purpose. Sinking funds can be a useful way to put funds aside for specific goals and events, for example school fees, birthday presents, Christmas, holiday, wedding, furniture and appliance upgrades, renovations and house deposit. Many banks now offer multiple offset accounts so as you save, you reduce the interest payable on your mortgage.

Otherwise, at the time of writing interest rates are rising (quickly) which means interest earned on savings accounts is more attractive than they have been for some time.

Set up a direct debit from the account you are paid into your new Thermomix sinking fund. Allocate an amount that you can afford, knowing that you can easily adjust this at any time. You might start with a small amount fortnightly that automatically goes into your account and then realise that you can increase this.

Once you have saved up enough money to pay, you can simply change the name of the fund to whatever you like! Perhaps you want to save up for Solar to reduce how much electricity you are paying or even just the next round of swimming lessons for your kids. Saving up to afford what you want is a feeling like no other. It puts you in the drivers seat of your life. It gives you back control and makes you feel like nothing is impossible.

You can either buy directly on the Thermomix website or you can buy via a consultant link. This doesn’t cost you any more but it means you are supporting a hard working consultant. Many are stay at home mums seeking to earn a little to help their families.

When paying for your Thermomix, I would ideally recommend using your debit card or your attached PayPal account. Did you know though, that PayPal charge the retailer a percentage of between 2.89 – 3.49% per transaction rate and 49c per transaction fee? I am guilty of using PayPal in the past merely because I couldn’t be bothered getting up from the couch or bed to walk to get my wallet. It doesn’t seem fair that a business should have to cop a fee for my laziness. For example, if you choose to pay with PayPal, Thermomix is charged $82 in fees.

Are they a big company? Yes.

Can they afford it? Yes.

They also provide free shipping for such a large, heavy product and do look after their customers. If we can do the right thing by them too, it might just help future rising costs to a minimum.

This also goes for ordering in food. Delivery services like Uber Eats charge huge fees to the business (and the transaction costs you more too). Travel websites like charge hosts between 10 and 25% commission. That is huge.

This is just something to consider when buying online, especially when you are buying from a small business.

If you must use a credit card, might I encourage you to pay the balance off in full each month. You can use them intentionally for credit card hacking. We once signed up for a credit card purely for the points. I remember seeing a post by Invest with Queenie about how she uses credit cards to her advantage and I thought it was so clever. As I was only working casually at the time, my application was rejected. I convinced hubby to apply and he was successful. I disliked how much they were lending and felt it was irresponsible. Still, we thought we’d try credit card hacking to see what all the fuss was about.

We used the credit card for groceries, bills and other expenses to pay for the minimum $2000 spend. We immediately transferred our own money across so we didn’t owe anything. After a waiting period of 2 months, we received 800,000 bonus points. We quickly exchanged these for $800 of JB Hi-Fi gift cards and bought a projector, Bluetooth speaker and laptop bag. We closed the credit card immediately after.

We won’t make this a regular thing as it is a bit of a hassle and can affect your credit score. However it can be super handy if you want to get cheaper flights or upgrades. Aunt Kara is a wealth of information in this area and worth checking out.

2. Side Hustle

A side hustle might be helpful for you to earn a bit more cash to afford your Thermomix. It might help you to get across the line faster than traditional saving.

One thing I love about our new Thermomix is that it has removed the need to own multiple appliances. You could sell your mixer, blender and food processor and put the money towards one. Unfortunately my mixer had already broken, the blender had been given to me and was not in a good enough state to sell, and I had broken a part on our food processor so didn’t think I could sell that either. They still worked so gave both away on our local Buy Nothing group.

If you are suffocating in stuff, a big declutter might help. Decluttering can have three major benefits. Firstly, it can make your house feel lighter and bring more calm. Secondly, it will save you time. You won’t spend as much looking for lost items, picking up toys, washing and folding clothes and organising them all. Thirdly, decluttering can enable you to earn some cash. Many of the decluttering ‘experts’ tell you to walk around with a big garbage bag and throw it all in. They tell you to donate anything of good value to women’s or homeless shelters or your local op shop. These experts often warn against selling items of lower value citing that it is just not worth it, with some saying they won’t bother with anything under $50.

I respectfully disagree. For those of us on lower incomes, a single income or simply wanting to be savvy with money, every dollar counts. Perhaps for these authors they have forgotten what it was like to live on little. I have decluttered and sold over $10,000 of stuff from our home, yard and shed. I find that the cheaper items often sell quickly. Any item under $5 I leave by my door and ask them to leave the money under the mat if they are happy with the purchase. I tell them that my baby is napping, the dog will bark or my husband is sleeping after night shift so that it appears like someone is home (even if we’re not) for safety reasons. If you want to save up for a purchase like a Thermomix, selling items might be a great option for you. Last week I found a Little Tikes car and Bunnings toddler slide in hard waste. I shoved them in the car, cleaned them up and made $50. I’ve been known to carry back large slippery dips and dining chairs that I’ve found while walking, ignoring the stares from those driving past as I struggle home with them. Anything for free money!

I have tried a range of side hustles in my time. Things like babysitting, mystery shopping, online surveys, cleaning, decluttering and content creating for apps. Currently when I’m not teaching or wrangling my own young children, I enjoy doing market research, selling on marketplace, selling for friends and family, blogging, selling on Teachers Pay Teachers, a consumer representative for a hospital and affiliate links. Some are small and don’t pay much, others pay me an amount per month and others vary depending on how much I work or sell. Over time these do add up and help you to achieve your financial goals.

If you are looking for side hustle inspiration, I give 30 ideas of things you can try here. Sometimes a side hustle can be purely to earn quick cash. Other times, it can be a great way to test if the hobby you like can turn into a hustle.

Keep your earnings in a jar or secret place in your house to put the cash in and a separate bank account for any money you earn online. A few years back, I secretly arranged to send my hubby to the AFL Grand Final to celebrate a big birthday. I wanted it to be a complete surprise so his brother booked it all and I gave him cash towards it. I sold $1300 worth of gear from around our home, found bargains in op shops and flipped them for profit, and sourced treasures from the side of the road to clean up and sell. This process took about 6 months. At the time, I had a two year old, was pregnant and working two days a week. I was tired but oh so motivated to reach my goal.

Seeing the coins and notes add up was exciting. I paid my brother in law twice and each time couldn’t believe how heavy the jars were. When we uncovered our surprise merely a week before the trip (having arranged leave from his work, flights, accomodation and tickets to the big game), I was so proud that it had all been saved up separately. It was such an achievement and it felt good.

3. Payment Plan

Thermomix provides options to apply for 24 months interest free payment plan with ZipPay. You could spread out the payments to around $25 a week over 2 years. There is a $7.95 monthly admin charge. No penalty to pay it off sooner but interest applies for any unpaid balance after the interest-free period has ended. If you could add this to your weekly budget without causing any financial stress, this might be an alternative. Please take time to read the fine print, like any unpaid purchase balance at the expiry of the interest free period will be charged interest at the standard annual percentage rate, currently 23.9%.

Easy 3 enables you to pay $1009 + $700 + $700. This adds an extra $50 to the cost. Whilst this makes it a little more expensive, I like that it is not a credit card with high interest or a personal loan. This appears to be quite a straight forward way of paying. If you can’t save up for it to pay in one chunk but still want to buy and have some of the funds available, this might be a good option for you.

AfterPay is also offered as an option. I personally don’t sugarcoat it and have written about the dangers of AfterPay and other BNPL schemes. I know that other financial bloggers like The Broke Generation and Choice magazine talks about this too. I feel that these companies prey on vulnerable people who either don’t have the funds available or financial literacy. BNPL schemes can affect your credit rating and your ability to get approval for a home loan. Since the Banking Royal Commission, banks are getting stricter with their lending practices and must lend responsibly. This has only been tightened due to rising interest rates and the cost of living.

AfterPay makes their money by charging businesses a $0.30 fixed transaction fee plus a commission between 3% and 7% on each sale. I feel like this is an unfair slog to businesses, many of whom are doing it tough right now. They often feel pressured to offer it or customers will go elsewhere.

In saying that, payment plans are an option. Perhaps you are in a tighter financial position but know that things will change. You know you and are able to make the decision that is right for you.

Just make sure you are making the right choice for you and your family and have explored other options first. Maybe if you can’t afford the upfront cost, you can’t afford it right now. You could always revisit it in a year or two when your circumstances change. Otherwise look back at the section for side hustles and how they could help you meet your savings goal for a Thermomix faster.

4. Earn Your Thermomix

One way of acquiring a Thermomix is to earn one. You do this by becoming a consultant. To do this, you need to pay a deposit of $840 and purchase a business kit for $125.

This gives you access to training and ongoing professional development. You can earn incentives, access to exclusive classes and events and discounts for the MixShop online.

Consultants earn commission on Thermomix and MixShop sales. They can earn between $240 and $410 per TM6 they sell, depending on how many they sell per month. I think it would be unlikely for most people to sell a huge number so the lowest number is probably more realistic. More information can be found here.

It’s important to realise that this is no get-rich-quick scheme. Many consultants have grand plans of selling hundreds of machines. Be realistic of what you can actually achieve and sell, and how much money you make. There may be lots of consultants in your area already.

You may sell lots of them. You also may just sell enough (6) to earn a Thermomix of your own and that’s okay. This is where a side hustle or second job can come in. Something with guaranteed hours or room to a passive income. You may prefer to cook and experiment at home with your Thermomix and head out a couple nights a week to do night fill at your local supermarket. You might opt to drive for Uber Eats, do market research or babysit on Saturday nights. Here are 30 side hustle ideas if you are looking for inspiration.

Becoming a consultant might be the right path for you but make sure to read the fine print. Ask lots of questions, look at the website and information packs carefully and even ask a consultant for their honest opinion. It might be a great opportunity but just not the right opportunity for you.

It’s Okay To Take Your Time To Decide

I’m not affiliated with Thermomix so I want to make sure you make wise decisions. Take your time and always sleep on it before making any big changes. Like most things, when we spend time weighing up the pros and cons of a purchase, read some reviews and ask friends and family for their honest opinion, we can make the decision to buy with conviction.

My hubby loves doing research. Over the last few years, he has saved up to buy expensive noise cancelling headphones, AirPods, a shaver and an Apple Watch. He spent months looking at reviews, looking at Choice, YouTube videos, asking friends who owned them and then monitoring prices online. He loves technology so doesn’t mind spending the time to make sure he gets the right product for the right price. He is always happy with his purchases and doesn’t seem to have buyer regret. As a bit more of an impulsive shopper, I am learning to take a leaf out of his slow and steady shopping approach.

Hosting a demo party might help you figure out the right decision for your family. For me, I borrowed my mum’s TM31 Thermomix. At that stage I was considering buying one of the older versions on Marketplace to save money. The lack of technology and having to refer to a book constantly put me off completely. It all just seemed too hard. It seemed far more complicated than I wanted it to be and I barely used it before returning it to her.

I didn’t like the idea that I would still be at least one thousand dollars out of pocket without knowing the full history of the machine and no current warranty. Using an old machine helped me realise that if we were going to buy a Thermomix, it was going to be a new one.

Directory Of Thermomix Consultants

If you have made the decision to buy a Thermomix or are at least seriously considering it, finding a consultant is your next step. They are a wealth of information and can answer any questions you might have. A Thermomix Consultant can come to your home and run a demonstration to show you the features and make some yummy recipes for you to try. By choosing to buy through a consultant. it doesn’t cost you any more but will make a difference to them.

You can simply Google or use Facebook and Instagram to search for a Thermomix consultant near you. Personally, I think it’s nice to find the smaller pages as they will probably be more grateful that you chose them. If you are tossing up between a few consultants, go for the newest or smallest in size.

One thing to consider is you can choose anyone to be your consultant. They can help you out via Zoom or other online platforms. One of the few benefits of the global pandemic was that it made working, accessing a doctor, organising prescriptions and meet ups more possible online.

Have a think about what would be most useful for you. If you definitely would like a local consultant to help you get to know your new Thermomix, find one in your area. If you aren’t really bothered, have a look at the list below and choose someone from the same country.

Here is a directory of Thermomix consultants organised by region and alphabetical order. They are such beautiful souls and have so much to share with you. Each one of them have personally reached out and asked to be part of this directory.

You can choose anyone regardless of their location and they are available to help answer questions, book in person or virtual demos and have personalised purchasing links. Included are those who speak multiple languages, have particular passions (ie. allergies or families) and some run helpful groups.

Here are links to their Facebook or Instagram pages, or both. It is not a complete list and I will add to it regularly. If you can’t see someone you know or your own name, please reach out and I’ll happily add you. Likewise, if I have made an error, please let me know and I’ll do my best to quickly amend it.

Happy searching for your consultant!



Mixing With Monica – Monica Falconer (Ballina, Lennox Head, Byron Bay, Far Northern NSW)

Tanya Lawrence (Bundeena, Sutherland Shire) NDIS Certified

Nourishing Food With Telma – Telma Pinto (Central Coast)

Tina Chua (Chatswood) Speaks English, Bahasa, Mandarin, Cantonese & Hokkien, Specialises In Asian Food

The Intolerant Mixer – Sarah Shipard (Dubbo) Passionate About Helping Those With Coeliac Disease & Dietary Requirements

Stacey Walker (Dubbo & Wellington)

Angela Newton (Hornsby)

Cooking Is My Therapy – Toni Taylor (Kingscliff)

Jill Kelly (Lake Macquarie)

Tania Milovanic (Mid-Western Region, Mudgee & Surrounds)

TMix Mastery – Melinda Atherton (Moree)

ThermoMade – Rebecca McAlister (Moss Vale, Southern Highlands)

Felicity Douglas (Newport)

Kerri’s Support Group – Kerri Atkin (Newcastle, Hunter & Lake Macquarie Region)

TherMELicious – Mel (Newcastle, Hunter & Lake Macquarie Region)

Healthy Hunter – Cheryl Sinclair (Newcastle & Hunter Region)

Mrs Mix – Cara Lukeman (Northern Beaches)

Shelly White (Penrith)

Therm~O~Goodness – Shannon Diack (Picton) Team Leader

Just Thermo Mix It – Ilhaam Serhan (Prestons) NDIS Certified, Speaks English & Africaans, 0405 328 786

Mixing From Scratch (Shoalhaven)

Taleen Smith (South Nowra / Shoalhaven)

Thermoleese – Lisa Knight (Shoalhaven & Illawarra)

Thermo-Ma – Kim Fluger (Shoalhaven to Ulladulla)

Sally K Everyday – Sally Mauragis (South Coast)

On Our Table (South Coast, Kiama)

Thermo-Chatter With Kirstie McGibbon (Sydney)

Kirstie Hayes (Sydney)

Kirstie’s Thermo Kitchen (Sydney)

Nat’s ThermotriX (Sydney)

Christina Fielding (Sydney)

Mixing With Amy – Amy Fourro (Sydney, Hills District, North West)

Thermomixing With Sarah Burnett (Sydney, Linfield)

Laura Thermomix Consultant – Laura Jacobsen (Sydney, Beaumont Hills, North West) Ph 0413387327

Thermo Ange (Wauchope)

Thyme To Thermo – Meagan Rourke (Woolongong)

Vicki Jones (Woolongong)

Tracey Hill Thermomix Consultant (NSW)


ThermoMade Rebecca McAlister (Moss Vale, Southern Highlands)


Thermomix With Kat (Bairnsdale, East Gippsland)

Thermomix GirlMez Thearle (Beaconsfield)

Make With Blake (Bellarine)

Thelma ThermoNicole Ashton (Bunyip, Gippsland) NDIS Certified

Thermo Loving Mum – Erin O’Brien (Drouin)

Simone Wells (Haven)

Karen Wigg (Heathmont)

Thermo Cooking With Shana – Shana Kreeck (Kialla)

My Kitchen Cook by Linda Lyon (Melbourne)

CookiK8 – Kate Chan (Melbourne) Offers NDIS Cooking Classes For Participants With Health & Independent Living Goals

Gluten Free And Coeliac Mixing With Lisa (Melbourne, Berwick)

Jess Greenwood (Melbourne, Boronia)

Mixing Delicious – Ash Kaehler (Melbourne, Croydon North) Hospitality Background, Mum Of 3, All Things Delicious

With Thermi I Can – Tammy Muller  (Melbourne, Doncaster East)

Bec Adolph (Melbourne, East)

NaturoThermo Nicole Tracy (Melbourne, East, Park Orchards) Healthy Thermomix Inspiration From Naturopath

Welcome To Cat’s Kitchen (Melbourne, Keilor East)

Diana Khamu (Melbourne, McKinnon)

Thermotess – Tess Murray (Melbourne, North)

Mrs Thermo – Amanda Cook (Melbourne, Port) Team Leader, Focused On Rainbow Food

Eat Thermo Love: Holly Kucherenko (Melbourne, Seaford)

The Imperfect Cook – Olivia Terragnolo (Melbourne, Spotswood) Speaks English & French

Thermie Life Love – Kendall Pletes (Melbourne, South East)

The Conscientious Cook – Frances Lourey (Melbourne, Williamstown) 0405 093 655

Thermodazzle – Louise Alderman (Mooroolbark) Creating A Little Bit Of Sparkle In Every Kitchen. Recipes, Tips & Offers

Cooking With Nonna Nettie – Annette Murphy (Preston) Speaks English & Italian, NDIS Certified & Runs NDIS Cooking Classes

Thermo-JEN-eratorJenny Blake (Woodend)


Thermo Virtuoso (Arana Hills)

Thermomagic Cooking With EaseAlison Child (Barcaldine, Central Qld)

Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard – Elizabeth Kessels (Biggera Waters, Gold Coast) Has An Amazing Blog And Fab Recipes

The Organised Mixer (Brisbane) Publishes Meal Plans In 10 Week Blocks To Help Busy Families

Mixing Memories With Aliesha Stroombergen (Brisbane)

Thermoculture – Jodie Day (Brisbane)

ThermoNurse – Shane Richards (Brisbane)

Thermo Virtuoso (Brisbane) Team Leader

Christine Furness (Brisbane)

Our Foodie Adventures – Sophia Windsor (Brisbane) Team Leader

Shannon Pettigrew (Brisbane) Loves Yoga & Real Food, Wellness Enthusiast

Thermixciting – Denise Long (Brisbane)

Marnie Burello (Brisbane)

Haaapy Bellies (Brisbane) Vietnamese Australian, Speaks English and Vietnamese

Susanne Scott (Brisbane, Northside) Team Leader, NDIS Certified & Speaks English & German

Thermie Carmie – Carmen McEneany Thermomix TL (Bundaberg)

Your Food 4 Thought (Bundaberg)

Sue Piper (Bundaberg)

Thermojo – Jo Reardon (Cairns)

Thermalicious – Elyse Kerridge (Cairns & FNQ)

Kirsty Bell Thermofamily (Cleveland)

Cooking From Scratch – Rachael Lowry (Gladstone, Central) NDIS Certified, In-House Demos & Helping With Dietary Issues

Thermobex – Rebecca Vogelzang (Gold Coast) Team Leader & NDIS Certified

A Thermie Named Thelma – Kassarne Bently (Gold Coast) Team Leader

Stacey Moraitis (Gold Coast)

Thermorina – Karina Nicol (Gold Coast)

Mixing With Monica – Monica Falconer (Gold Coast)

Daniela Mierendorff (Gold Coast)

The Mumma Cooks – Tiffany Cracknell (Gold Coast) NDIS Certified

THERMOFit With Noni (Gold Coast)

Kerry Cowling Annandale (Gold Coast)

Juliane Ludscher Gold (Gold Coast, Varsity Lakes) Speaks English, Portuguese & Spanish

The Thermomix Bloke – Anthony Wotherspoon (Kallangur)

New Phase With Silv (Hervey Bay)

Thermopower With Julie (Ipswich)

Get Thermotised With Sandy – Sandy Smith (Ipswich)

Wicked Thermie Sisters (Kingaroy)

Inspired By My Thermie – Jilly (Longreach, Charters Towers)

Thermo Kerry – Kerry Church (Moranbah, Coalfields, Central)

Mixing It Up With Lisa Windle (Moranbah) Runs A Facebook Group To Support Customers

Healthy Me Thermomix – Melissa Roberts (Noosa Hinterland) NDIS Certified, Gluten Free Cooking, Permaculture

ThermoCharged with Tanya Ala-Outinen (South East QLD) Team Leader

Michele Lynch (Sunshine Coast, Rosemount) Loves Old School ‘In’ Person Demos

April Hildred (Toowoomba)

Linda Lester (Toowoomba)

The Pink Thermingo (Toowoomba)

The Thermo Niche – Anisia Glover (Toowoomba)

Thermoments By Hannah Rodgers (Toowoomba)

Thermorina – Karina Nicol (Upper Coomera)


Thermo With Lauren (Adelaide)

Tunya (Adelaide)

Deb’s Delish Food – Debra Percey (Adelaide) Team Leader

All about Thermie (Adelaide, East)

Corinna Greatrex (Adelaide, Largs Bay)

Kate In The Kitchen Kate Dermody (Adelaide, North East & Barossa Valley) 0417 011 564

Love Your Thermo – Billie Bellinger (Beachport, South East) Team Leader

Real Life Mixing with AnikaAnika Swaffer (Eyre Peninsula, Cummins) NDIS Certified

MIXIN with MorgZ – Morgan (Eyre Peninsula, Lower) Mum Of Three. Cooking From Scratch & Helping You Do The Same

Rahel Gerber-Liniger (Eyre Peninsula, Port Lincoln) Team Leader

Green Door Kitchen – Marissa (Fleurieu Peninsula) I’m A Mum Of 2, A Nurse And Found My Love Of Cooking Again! 

Sarah Rowe (Gawler)

Mixing With Elke – Elke Mooney (Marino)

Magic Cooking Pot- Jessica Fabian (Mount Barker)

A Mix In Thyme – Donna Briggs-Wilson (Mount Barker)

Magic Cooking Pot- Jessica Fabian (Mount Barker)

Mixin It My Way – Peta Browne (Mount Barker)

Mixin It Up With Kellea (Mount Gambier)

The Lazy Mum (Mount Gambier)

Aussie ThermoKids – Rachel Smith (Mount Gambier & Kongorong)

Alison Connell (Mount Gambier) NDIS Certified

Thermomixing With Denini – Daniela Denisa Pop (Port Pirie)

Rebecca Browning (Strathalbyn)

Thermo Organised with Anne – Anne Pearce (Yorke Peninsula)


Kirls Thermo Updates (Albany to Geraldton)

Kia Gorham (Australind) Team Leader

Cassandra Davies (Bassendean)

Sally Harris (Bunbury, Eaton, South West)

Mixing and Stitching with Mel Hornby – Travelling Thermomix Consultant (Bunbury) Travelling And Living With A Thermomix

Mixin’ It Up With Jodie Spencer (Collie)

The Masked Mixer – Natasha Earle (Dardanup)

Dorothy Vidovich (Fremantle) Catering Background & Mum Of 7 Who Loves Sharing How A Thermomix Can Feed Many

Thermie And Pete (Geraldton)

Jo Blayney (Geraldton)

Sarah Dicken (Geraldton to Perth)

Emma Ponting (Kargoolie)

ThermoFella – Rod Wilson (Leeming)

Mummy What’s In The Thermo (Padbury)

Cook With Charms Charmaine Soh (Perth) NDIS Certified

Happy Cooks (Perth) Speaks English & Afrikaans, Loves Baking Cakes, Specialises In Meal Prep & Easy Freezable Meals

Imposter Chef – Sarah Ross (Perth)

Hanging With Helen (Perth)

Libby Neville (Perth)

Carole Bartlett (Perth)

Lydia Batchelor (Perth)

TherMotivated With Joanna Donohue (Perth)

Aussie Thermomixers – Tanya Halse (Perth) NDIS Certified

Thermo Adventures With Candy – Cara And Sandra (Perth)

Thermomim – Domenica ‘Mim’ (Perth)

4 Kids And A Thermo – Vania Cuffe (Perth)

Nico Thermie (Perth) Speaks English, German, French & Romanian

Thermomixin With Tania (Perth, Armadale)

Vivianne Vos (Perth, Bayswater)

Thermolyfe – Laviana Tirtajaya (Perth, Beckenham) Team Leader, Speaks English, Bahasa Indonesian & Malay

ThermoBec – Rebecca Hayward (Perth, North) Team Leader & NDIS Certified

Louise Filer (Perth, South)

Thermolove – Kids Included (Perth, South)

Rachel Dewar (Perth, Two Rocks)

ThermoTerryle (Quairading)

Sarah B Wellness – Sarah Boccuzzi (Rockingham) Team Leader

Sinead & Tucker – My Thermomix (Rural North West)

Sinead & Tucker – My Thermomix (Tom Price, Pilbara)


Desert Blades – Bec Strickland (Alice Springs, Tennant Creek, Kulgera, Yulara & Santa Teresa) Team Leader

Mix It Up With Tele – Teleah Mahaffey (Alyangula, Groote Eylandt)

ThermoZee – Zivanna Harris (Arnhem Land)

My Thermo Mixing Story – Robyn Larven (Darwin & regional areas) NDIS Certified


Thermogroovers – Jeanette Pearce (Burnie)

Thermomixing Mrs Raspberry – Luiza Malinowska (Kingston)

Joanna’s Kitchen – Thermo Jo (Hobart)

Wombat’s Thermomix Kitchen (Huon Valley)

At Home With Sam – Samantha Gill (Launceston / Devonport) Passionate About Making Our Homes Safer, Cleaner, Easier!

Louise’s Thermo Culture (Launceston)

New Zealand

Living Well With Steph Johnstone (Auckland)

Thermodette – Odette Smith (Auckland)

Leanie Back 2 Old Scool – Leanie Jacobs (Auckland)

Panna Cotter (Auckland) Classically Trained Chef

Andrea BarndenThermomix Consultant (Canterbury, Marlborough)

Boy Mum Grub – Zoe Howden (Canterbury, Waimate) Feeding 5 Growing Boys

Gluten Free Kiwi Life – Jess Barron (Christchurch) Sharing My Gluten Free Finds Around NZ

Thermomixing With Carol – Carol Austin (Christchurch)

Thermie Mixers – Lisa Norbury (Dunedin) A Busy Mum Who Loves To Cook Delicious, Home Made Meals.

Thermo Mum Boy Tribe – Lisa Newby (New Plymouth) Passionate About Helping Those With Young Kids And Working Parents

Love To Mix Thermomixing With Emily Bosworth (Ohoka)

Wanaka Thermomix Consultant – Kylie Arnesen (Otago & Queenstown Lakes region) Team Leader

Thermomix With Tanya (Otago / Southland border)

The Main MixBrenda Caldwell (Southland)

ThermoNakiMum – Jessy Langton (Taranaki)

Thermo Eats With Billie – Billie Swenneker (Tokoroa)

Elles Country KitchenEllen MacDonald (Waikato) Working Smarter Not Harder. The Thermomix Takes All The Hard Work Out.

Go Wild With Thermo (Wellington, Kapiti)

Adventures Of Thelma – Amina Ahmad (Whanganui)


Alyson Tulloch (Aberdeenshire)

In The MIX With Aloma (Cotswolds)

Ewelina Bartnik Maskell (Earls Colne)

Sarah Osborne – Sarahozzy (Hampshire)

Jane’s KitchenJane Sabugueiro (Hertfordshire / Buckinghamshire)

Clare Ball (Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Bedforshire, Berkshire) Team Leader

Love To Mix With Laura (Jersey)

Michelle’s Food Heaven (Jersey)

Kay’s Thermomix Love – Kay Viney (Jersey)

Karen Prust (Llanfyllin)

Deb’s Kitchen (London, North)

Sarah’s Thermomix Kitchen (Southhampton)


Thermomix Malahide – Una Stapleton (Malahide, Dublin)

Mixin With Christy (Northern Ireland)

Katherine’s Thermomix Heaven – Katherine Molloy (Tullamore, County Offaly)


Loch Yum (Aberdeenshire, Scotland)

United States

Power Cooking – Haydee Arce (Austin & San Antonio, Texas) Speaks English & Spanish

Armidamix (El Paso, Texas & Mexico)

Tuscansun Mixer (El Paso, Texas)

Crave Healthy Habits (El Paso, Texas)

MaruLara Cooks (Houston, Katy, Fullshear, College Station & Pearland, Texas) Speaks English & Spanish, Team Leader

Making Cooking Easy And Yummy – Carolina (Kansas City, Oklahoma and Nebraska)

Natural Merjrz – Isobel (Illinois)

Mommy Cooks Smart – Vanessa Gimon (Miami) Speaks Spanish & English

GMarg’s Kitchen (Missouri, St Louis)

Fermommixer (Nebraska, Kansa, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas & New Mexico)

The Capri MIX Alexandra (NYC)

Imma Chef (Tennessee)

Mama Mixer (Texas)

Mama Mixer (Texas)

Pralineedibleart (Texas)


Cooking With Rita Cardoso (Bolton, Ontario & Mississauga, Brampton, Caledon) Speaks English & Portuguese

The MixMaster – Laura Capriles (Ontario)

Agnes Cooking With No Limits (Ontario, Brampton)

Momix Cooking By Salma (Ontario, Cambridge)

Blend n Mix – Tania Cecco Rizzardo (Ontario, Caledon)

Sara Elfene – Moroccan Canadian (Ottawa – Gatineau – Casselman)

Lucie 1792 – Laplante Lucie Et Yvon (Ottawa – Gatineau – Casselman)

Easy and Delicious by Gina – Gina La Rosa Vasquez (Ontario, Kitchner)

Easy Cooking With Thermix (Ontario, Mississauga)

Ewa Mixed Creation – Ewa (Ontario, Mississauga)

Danuta Toronto (Ontario, Mississauga)

Kasiaelszu (Ontario, Mississauga)

Healthy Quick Delicious Easy (Ontario, North York)

Paola Thermo – Paola Tuccitto (Ontario, Pickering)

Rita Ditaranto (Ontario, Simco)

Ditarantorita (Ontario, Springwater)

Me And My German Friend (Ontario, Toronto)

Marcella’s Smart Kitchen – Marcela Chein (Ontario, Toronto) Speaks English & Spanish, Team Leader

Alice The Mix Consultant (Ontario, Vaughn)

Cook With The Mix (Ontario, Vaughn)

Cooking With Saray (Ontario, Windsor)

Magic Cooking With Ania (Ontario, Woodstock)

Antonia Van Haeren (Ontario, Woodstock)

Bim Basem Toronto (Ontario, York)

Please note that this is a growing list of Thermomix Consultants and there is plenty of space to add more. Simply comment or message me and I’ll be happy to add your link. I sincerely apologise if there are any errors – likewise please comment or message to let me know and I’ll quickly amend it.

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14 Responses

  1. Hi, loved the read, thank you!

    I’d love to be added to your Consultant list, I’m a Team Leader on the Gold Coast and have been with Thermomix for 9yrs.
    FB – A Thermie named Thelma
    Insta – kassarne_bentley_thermomix

  2. I loved the review! Thank you for sharing those honest words, I couldn’t agree more. I would also love to be part of your USA consultant’s directory. I’m from Miami (Spanish and English), and would gladly help anyone in the area interested in this wonderful kitchen robot.
    My IG is @mommycooksmart

  3. Hello and thankyou for your wonderful article.
    Could I please be added to your list of consultants in the Northern Territory, Australia.

    Robyn Larven, Thermomix, Kobold and NDIS Plan Consultant – Darwin and regional areas, NT

    Thankyou so much

  4. What a great read, Thank you.

    I’d love to be added to your consultant list. I’m a Thermomix Consultant on the south coast of NSW (Shoalhaven & Illawarra area)
    and have been with Thermomix almost 7 years.

    FB-Lisa Knight Thermomix Consultant-Thermoleese

  5. Thanks
    Melissa Roberts, Thermomix Consultant, NDIS Program Consultant.
    I live in Noosa Hinterland, Thermomix Consultant for nearly 7 years
    Functional Nutrition Coach
    Specialise in Gluten Free cooking, plant to plate from a permaculture garden.
    Socials: Healthy Me Thermo Mix

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