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My financial story - confessions of a shopaholic at heart | Melanie Wegener

Hey! I’m Mel, or money savvy mamma. I’m a wife, teacher, mother of three little boys, stay at home mum. Well mainly. I work one day a week when I’m not having babies.

I’m passionate about women becoming financially literate. About understanding money. Being able to manage it well. Not being stressed about the lack of it, but being confident and planning for the future.

I write about living on one wage, saving money, side hustles and creating income, paying off debt, paying off mortgages quickly, and becoming financially independent.

I also write about minimalism, decluttering, and living with less. I’ve been going through our stuff over the last few years and getting rid of the excess. I sell what I can and donate the rest. I love learning from others and helping inspire some people too.

I love when mothers don’t just survive but thrive. I believe that it is important to look after yourself, nurture the relationship with your partner, eat well and exercise regularly, and have a tribe of encouraging people around you to cheer you on as you navigate the world of motherhood.

Feel free to come over and say hi on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter (search for moneysavvymamma). I do regular posts, book and podcast recommendations and giveaways. You can find additional links on link tree.

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Mel x

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