Spending time with your partner- date ideas that won’t break the bank

When we meet that special someone, we usually make it a priority to get to know them in a fun way. We enjoy going out together, discovering new places, doing activities and trying new restaurants. It’s new and exciting and wonderful.

Once you’ve been together for a while or children come along, it is often harder to find the time to go out. There seem to be more bills and less money, and paying a babysitter can put you off. Even just having to organise a date night can feel like too much work on top of everything else on your to-do list.

I’m in this season. We’re tired and happy to stay in most evenings. We can keep the heater on and watch our favourite show with all the snacks. It’s pretty awesome.

In saying that, I do miss going out. I miss walking hand in hand together, window shopping, wining and dining, being out with people. I miss just us.

I’m determined to make more of an effort to go out together, just us. It’s not easy in a time of lockdowns and restrictions and things changing day by day. However, I want to try.

If you can’t spare the cash on a babysitter, consider asking some close friends whether they can watch your children sometimes and you return the favour. Even if one parent goes to their house to save them packing all the things, and just watch them while the kids stay in their own beds for the evening.

Here are some ideas that don’t require a whole lot of organising or money:

  • walk along the beach
  • picnic
  • board game night
  • take an art class
  • mini golf
  • progressive dinner
  • dancing lessons
  • spontaneous night away
  • wander through a museum or gallery
  • bowling
  • surprise the other with a special evening
  • strawberry picking
  • play bingo
  • wine tasting
  • watch a new sport live
  • enjoy a pub meal
  • organise a double date
  • go rock climbing
  • take a country drive
  • go op shopping to find funny outfits
  • wander the state library
  • take a dolphin cruise
  • go late night shopping
  • browse antique stores
  • do a walking tour of your city
  • go fishing
  • brunch at a new cafe
  • movie night in
  • drive to a lookout
  • hire a paddle boat
  • try a new cuisine
  • go on a night tour
  • climb a hill
  • go to a quiz night
  • watch some live music
  • explore the botanical gardens
  • go on a paddle boat
  • looking at the stars
  • cooking course
  • night hike
  • go to a pool hall
  • massage course
  • take a bike ride
  • watch the sunset

There’s no need to make it complicated or fancy. Just book a night or afternoon in your diary, figure out the logistics and enjoy yourselves!

Even better, set some time aside each week, fortnight or month so you don’t have to think about it, you just know it’s locked it. Spending time together regularly away from the pressures of home will do wonders for your relationship.

Your spouse came before your children did, so make them a priority. Everyone does better when you make time for each other. ❤️

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