When you don’t get the birth plan you wanted: coming to terms with what was necessary for you and bubs.

I wrote this in January as a way to come to terms with how birthing my third would look. It wasn’t my ideal birth plan and I didn’t have much time to get my head around it.

I was worried about being judged or people thinking I was too posh to push. I needed to write things down to express my thoughts and fears, and to come to terms with what my recovery would look like.

Birthing a baby
is no tiny feat,
bringing one into
the world to meet.

Sometimes baby can’t come
the traditional way,
mum and bub need to be healthy
at the end of the day.

I’ve come to terms with what
my new birth plan will be,
I’d love not to feel judged
or feel worse, you see.

Following the advice
I need a c section,
trust me, I’d rather no
medical intervention.

I hate needles and drips,
I don’t want a scar,
I’d much rather be able
to drive my own car.

So please be kind,
I need you right now,
I’m a little scared
of the what and the how.

I don’t need opinions
of what you think is best,
just show some love,
then help me to rest.

So that’s about all,
the big day is a coming,
a mamma of three
I’ll soon be becoming.


Did you have a birth plan? Did you get to have the birth you wanted or expected?

If not, have you had a chance to reflect on this and process how you are feeling?

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