Time to get back at the scammers

How I Took On A Scammer… And Won

With scam messages on the rise, I decided that it was time to take one of them on for myself.
Here is the conversation that took place just before Christmas last year. Enjoy.

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How To Afford A Thermomix

After recently purchasing a Thermomix after years of indecision, I look back and wish I hadn’t taken so dang long. It has gotten me thinking. A product costing just over AU $2300 is not accessible to everybody. In fact, it is just out of reach for some people.
If you are struggling with the rising cost of living at the moment, you’ll know that every dollar counts. Groceries can hard to keep under budget. I know that I am finding it extra difficult. Investing in an appliance like a Thermomix might cost more upfront but can save money in the long term. Here are four ways to afford a Thermomix:

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28 simple ways to improve your finances

28 simple ways to improve your finances

Not having enough finances can be super stressful. It’s not something we tend to talk about. Money is still a taboo topic for many and off-limits during conversations. It’s time to change that.

My top 10 tips for relief teachers

My top 10 tips for relief teachers

Perhaps you’ve recently graduated from a teaching degree? Switching from classroom to relief teaching for a lifestyle choice? Coming back from maternity leave and wanting to get back into schools?

It can be daunting to know where to start when it comes to relief teaching as you try to get your head around everything.

Here are my top 10 tips for a successful day as a relief teacher.


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